My Thoughts On Life

What Are You Waiting For

You know there is something you need to do, and you keep putting it off. It’s something along the line of; I should change my diet and exercise more; I want to start a new job. I have this idea about a product or service and need help figuring out where to start. I want to ride my horse more. I need to spend more time with my family and friends. 

What do you want? What are you not taking action on?

The Formula For Taking Action.

  1. Clarity: Do you know what you want and where to start? You don’t need to know all the steps right now to reach your goal, but having a destination and where to start are essential. Ask yourself specific questions such as, What do I want? What do I need to know or do today? Meditating/Journaling can be helpful; stop and take 5-10mins and sit with these questions in a quiet place. As ideas come to you, write them down, no matter how crazy they seem. Do this for a few weeks; before long, patterns and answers will emerge on what to do and where to start. Talking to a trusted friend or a coach can also add clarity and value to help you figure out what you want.
  2. Your values: Is your goal in line with your values? Are you doing it because it’s genuinely in your heart or because you think you should because someone else is doing it?
  3. Start: Take small steps. What is one little thing you can do today to get started? It’s easy to make excuses for not doing what you need to. Make the step so small and easy that it is hard not to do it.
  4. Be persistent: Once started, the next challenge is sticking with it. You’re going to fall off the wagon. Life is going to distract you and try to take you off course. When it does, be kind to yourself. Stop beating yourself up. Just get back to it. Doing or becoming someone different is not easy; it takes time. The small consistent actions over time are what create lasting results.
  5. Accountability: Who is holding you accountable? What has been an enormous help for me is that I’m in a men’s group. I have wanted to be consistent as a writer. Writing is challenging for me. Over the years, I would write here and there and then stop. Six months later, I might write something else. With the help of the men’s group to hold me accountable, I am writing 2-4 days a week, and without their help, I would not be writing this here now. Find someone to help you! 

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PS. Do you have a goal you never seem to get traction on?

Do you need help with how to move forward with that goal?

Are you stuck and need help getting from where you are to where you want to be?

Are you getting in your own way while trying to reach your goal? 

This is normal when trying to make a change. It’s hard to see the things that are holding us back. Let me help you! I have a spot available for a complimentary coaching conversation. This powerful call is when we talk on the phone about what you want, what’s holding you back, and how to create a plan of action. If interested, please email me for a Free Introductory Call.