My Thoughts On Life

Have fear, do it anyway.

Fear shows up whenever we do something new or different, especially if it’s impactful or meaningful. It’s a sign that you are on the right track. It’s there to help you question what you are doing and not go into things blindly. Every decision and action you take has a cost, a pro, and a con. Fear is there to help you take stock of your decision, not to paralyze you and keep you from doing what you need to do. Our job is to assess the fear and situation but not let it keep us from moving forward.

Overcoming fear is a muscle we have to flex. The more we take action and move through the fear, the easier that action is the next time, becoming less controlled by it, and our world expands. Fear always has a list of reasons why you shouldn’t do something, but if we let that list rule us, our world becomes smaller and smaller. The more we allow fear to keep us from taking action, the more we become controlled by it. Before long, you’re not doing anything new. Don’t let fear control you. Take a small step toward a goal today.

We are always in a fight between our soul, wanting to make an impact in the world, and our body wanting to play it safe!

What have you wanted to do, but fear keeps you from it?

All the Best, Jack

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